Friday, August 31, 2007

Notorious (1946)


Pookie said...

Very nice. I am partial to Cary Grant. I do like everything he is in.

Request time, if your up to it...Dial M for Murder-Grace Kelly (1954).

hhmmm...maybe you have done it and I missed it, I will go back and check your archives.

MacGuffin said...

Done. Milland and Kelly were both really great in that one.

Blancodeviosa said...

I frowed up :(

Ellen Aim said...

Gaw, all that gorgeous on one poster, it's just not right. Seriously, who's hotter??

(And it's a cool poster, too!)

MacGuffin said...

Blanco- Sorry, baby. :(

Ellen- Grant was one of my biggest idols growing up. I wanted to be a refined, articulate gentleman in the Cary Grant mold. Pretty strange for a straight boy growing up in W. Tx. At any rate, they did make an extremely handsome couple, didn't they?