Friday, February 29, 2008

North by Northwest (1959) - Italian

Art by Nistri


Johnny Yen said...

Hey! Glad to see you posting again! You've been missed!

Funny, I was talking about North By Northwest with one of the ladies who works in the multimedia section of my local library. I was checking out a dvd on South Dakota, and she mentioned that she and her husband were going there, in part to see Mt. Rushmore. We talked about how we loved its inclusion in North By Northwest, though it was a fake on a soundstage.

MacGuffin said...

Thanks, johnny! It felt good to post again.

Seeing Mt. Rushmore would be cool. Seeing ANYTHING outside of west tx would be cool.

Alice Olive said...

Love, love, love Hitchcock! This one is a favourite - a very sensual thriller (the scene between Cary and Eva on the train is superb) across a number of beautiful US cities.

MacGuffin said...

Yay... a fellow Hitchcock enthusiast! Always nice to hear someone else express an interest in these older films. (I often feel hopelessly antiquated & alone in my tastes)

I don't know if I could name my favorite Hitchcock film or Cary Grant film for that matter!