Thursday, September 13, 2007

Woman in the Window (1944) - German


Blancodeviosa said...

No i think she's really in a frame, but i might be wrong

MacGuffin said...

Har har... ya NUT.

Pookie said...

She reminds me of Vivien Leigh. When I first looked at this I really thought it was her.

Excuse my ignorance for a moment...I don't know much about this were these made? What I mean is that some or most of these look like they were painted-not photographed as they are done today.

Does that make sense?? anyway, just curious.

MacGuffin said...
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Pookie said...

Thank you for enlightening me. I learned something new. :)

I do prefer the painted artwork of yesteryear vs the photo posters of today. They are most beautiful.

I can see why you love to collect them.

MacGuffin said...

Thanks and sorry to pontificate. I have well over thirty books on the subject believe it or not.

I should have said there's plenty of modern poster art I like but generally speaking, not modern film posters. I find them too slick and mundane.

Anyways, glad you like them. :)