Thursday, September 13, 2007

Three Strangers (1946) - Belgian


Blancodeviosa said...

aaah.. peter lorre smoking.

what are the odds?

no, actually a very fine poster of yet another movie i haven't seen

Mob said...

Hey, that bitch totally stole Dick Tracy's raincoat...oh, wait, it's a dress, Dick Tracy's dress.

I apologize for jumping to conclusions.

MacGuffin said...

Blanco- I haven't seen this one either but I LOVE the poster. I'd probably like the movie too. It's hard to beat that cast.

Mob- Well, it looks rather good on her is all I can say.

Al said...

Peter Lorre looks kinda handsome on this - not bad going by the artist!

MacGuffin said...

I always like the way he looked oddly enough. Not handsome, but something def appealing about his face and voice of course. I love this poster. Apparently, very few Belgian artists from this period are known due to the fact no or little records were kept. Too bad.