Thursday, September 6, 2007

This Gun For Hire (1942) - French

Art by Boris Grinsson


Erik Donald France said...

Veronica Lake -- zowie!

Alan Ladd -- little guy on a platform ;)

Erik Donald France said...

Sorry to hear about the shootout. It's all over the national news.

Blancodeviosa said...

i wished i looked like veronica..

ultravox said...

I wish I looked like Veronica too, I still enjoy Sullivan's Travels--haven't seen this one though.

MacGuffin said...

Erik- Zowie indeed, sir. Yeah, I think Ladd was on the short side but so was Bogie so it don't amount to a hill a beans being short.

Erik- Yeah, it's very sad for everyone involved.

Blanco- I like you the way you are, bebe.

Ultravox- Y'know, I never seen Sullivan's Travels. I know, I know.

Oh, and bleach your hair and you'd be her spittin image. I swear!