Saturday, September 1, 2007

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)


Pookie said...

I like this one. The colors, the placement of the words. I confess though that I have not seen any Sherlock Holmes. Maybe Buckaroo will flix one for me to watch.

You guys really seem to like them. What would you recommend??

Erik Donald France said...

Very cool. I used to watch these with my father, who loved them. Ida Lupino is cool, too -- one of the first women directors aside from a Nazi or two ;)

MacGuffin said...

Pookie- I'm not sure if Sherlock is Buckaroo's cup of tea but a good one to start with would be The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.

Erik- Your dad sounds like my kinda guy.

Al said...

No shit Sherlock!

It's schlocky and more like the cover of a throwaway pulp novel than a movie poster.

I love it!

MacGuffin said...

Yeah, if I had the space, I might (scratch that) WOULD seek out some of these Rathbone Sherlock posters. There's some really great ones.

Speaking of Sherlock, the Jeremy Brett BBC versions are being re-released from the original negatives in one ginormous set.