Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Third Man (1949) US


Al said...

Brings me out in a smile just looking at it. With added curly hair too.

I don't know though, for sheer so bad it's good artwork this takes some beating..

Look at where they put the actors names! Craptastic.


Al said...
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Al said...

And forget Hugh Grant for what us Brits are like - Trevor Howard is more like it.

Erik Donald France said...

Pretty strange poster, eh? Cool movie, certainly interesting. Ever see Zentropa?

Johnny Yen said...

Trevor Howard was the cat's meow, wasn't he? He was great in an understated way in "Father Goose."

I need to watch this movie again. I was drunk off my ass the only time I saw this one, and lost track of the narrative.

Blancodeviosa said...

why is he jabbing her with his gun. subtle metaphor, i think not..
makes you say hmmm... ?

MacGuffin said...

al- Ha! Yeah, highly craptastic. At least the designer was trying to be original with the credit placements, doesn't mean it was a good idea..

al- I really liked him in Green For Danger. I need to get off my butt and watch Brief Encounter which I understand to be really good.

erik- Never seen it, worth watching I take it? I'll IMD it.

johnny- Never seen it. I'm starting to show my ignorance of classic films here. He was very understated in The Third Man, quite the opposite of the loud American, Holly Martins (Joseph Cotton).

blanco- It's just you and your fascination with phallic objects.

Al said...

Brief Encounter is another of my favourites. Very clipped and very British and filmed at Carnforth train station which is about an hour away from me.

You're missing out as it's a bit of a tear jerker too, and I get the feeling that you, like me, are not ashamed to have your heart strings pulled by a movie.

MacGuffin said...

I actually own it. It's part of my Essential Art House: 50 Years of Janus Films collection. The wife bought it for my B-day and I really love it. (Thanks honey!)

Al said...

Nice set - and even nicer wife for buying that for you!

It has a few of my faves in there - La Belle et la Bete, Kind Hearts and Coronets, The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp, La Regle du Jeu, The 39 Steps, Wages of Fear - not forgetting The Third Man and Brief Encounter.

I have the Criterion's of those myself.

Have you ever watched Loves of a Blonde? The Milos Forman film? Its in that box and I have never seen it - but love Forman's work and think him one of the most underrated directors.

MacGuffin said...

No, sadly I haven't. I am an extremly lazy bastard anymore. I'll get to it though, esp now.

You must have a region player 1 dvd player I take it or are Criterion discs available in your dvd region?

Al said...

Criterion only sell 'em in the States - but I have a multi-region player or 3 that can play whatever I throw their way.
I haven't bought too many dvd's this year at all, the last was that Hitchcock set, I'm waiting on a Mario Bava boxset from Deepdiscount, but before that one of the last I bought was the new 2 disc Criterion of The Third Man.
I like you am lazy and buy these things but rarely watch them. I rent a lot these days, hardly watch those either but just copy them and let them add to the "to watch" pile.
I did watch Transformers last night at home - it's not out over here in the cinema for another week. It was funny in the right places, had big robots and explosions and entertained me more than I hoped it would.
I'm sad though and actively seek out Michael Bay films...

Blancodeviosa said...

Dani did good?

MacGuffin said...

al- We all have our vices, sir.

blanco- Yes, Dani did very well.