Thursday, July 12, 2007

Double Indemnity (1944) - German


eric313 said...

Hello, sir
I'm new, but old now. Glad to read most of the blogs Texas.

I used to sell art--briefly. If someone didn't like a piece, I was always like 'fair enough', since arguing taste is as useless as protesting the WTO, albeit much safer. Sometimes.

I'd still be doing it if it was these vintage movie posters. The sales would make themselves.

Al said...

Ok, now I'm impressed.

That "Dubya" impression, with the choked on pretzel, is uncanny!

I must say that Ed Robinson isn't looking a good colour on the poster is he?

MacGuffin said...

eric- Hey there fella *drawled in a thick tx twang*. I'd love to own and run a vintage film poster gallery, my ideal job.

al- Thanks, it was spot on wasn't it? That's part of it's charm al, the putrid colours that is.

Blancodeviosa said...

yeah, i bit green around the gills i would say

Mob said...

Man that Edward G, Robinson is just dreamy, I bet all the school girls had his picture in their lockers back in the day.

Erik Donald France said...

Cool posters, man!

MacGuffin said...

blanco- Aww, what do you know about great Art. ;)

mob- He probaly had more, ahem, than you I ten times over.

erik- Thanks!