Sunday, July 15, 2007

Anatomy of a Murder (1959)

Art by design legend Saul Bass


buckaroo banzai said...

i love this poster!
it says so much with so little.
it gets the point across without the clutter.

sKincarver said...

Who's kid did they get to make that? As the horse on Ren & Stimpy used to say, "No sir, I don't like it."
Get some Basil Gogos up in heya.

Al said...

At one time, I had that poster on my bedroom wall.

Also, the film courted controversy back on its release for including words like "panties", "sperm" and "penetration".

How times have changed.

Mob said...

Have you seen my latest screenplay "Panty Sperm Penetration"?


Blancodeviosa said...

i think the simplicity works nicely!

Blancodeviosa said...

i think the simplicity works nicely!

MacGuffin said...

banzai- Sweet! You're not someone I would've pegged as liking this one. I agree about the clutterless aspect of it.

skin- Sigh... I'll try the Basil Gogos sir..

al- Cool. Did you have the original? If so, it would be worth a pound or two. Yeah, it's funny to think just HOW shocking taglines like that must've been. Sometimes, I wonder if it's been for the better.

mob- Is Quentin producing it?

blanco- Does that mean I can buy it? :) j/k

Al said...

Sadly it was just a repro, but cool nevertheless.

BTW, you've incorrectly spelled "bullarky" on your page - Mrs Macguffin spells it with a C.

Tomato. Tomato. Lets call the whole thing off.

Johnny Yen said...

I love that poster-- simple and complex at the same time.

Otto Preminger was a genius.

Did you know that he and actress Dorothy Dandridge had a long-time affair?

I remember seeing him on the Batman show when I was a kid. In this book I have about the tv show, they quoted him as saying he appeared on the show (as Mr. Freeze) because his kids were fans of the show. I remember Raul Julia saying something similar about his roll in the Addams Family movies.

MacGuffin said...

al- Oops! Thanks! I'm not too careful with my spelling or punctuation, frankly.

johnny- The part about the Batman tv series is especially interesting. I had no idea. I wish those would come out on dvd.

Johnny Yen said...

You and me both. I check every couple of months for news. Part of the problem is who owns the characters? Batman is a comic book creation, but the show was a network tv creation, and the dvd set would be put out by some other media company.

There was a book published, The Official Batman Batbook, by Joel Eisner that has complete synopses of all 120 episodes, plus lots and lots of facts about the show, including the Preminger quote. I just checked both Amazon and and saw that they have plenty of copies of the book, which is long out of print.

I think you're too young to remember it in anything but reruns; I was 5 when it came out in 1966. It was the greatest thing ever to happen to me and all the other boys in my Kindergarten class. We drove Mrs. Stocking, our teacher, nuts tying the blankets we had for naptime around our necks, running around the room and jumping off of things.

Did you know they showed it twice a week?

Blancodeviosa said...

Oh dan't lett hem full yuo. he spellz reel gode!

MacGuffin said...

johnny- The book sounds cool, I'll have to check it out (thanks). You should check out Batman Collected, a book by Chip Kidd and Paul Dini. It has alotta great toys from the sixties and seventies from the tv series (very kitschy). Yeah, Batman was shown as reruns when I was around seven or so. I was a complete freak for it, I took them completely seriously (fashioning makeshift capes and jumping around, ka-pow-ing the super-villains just like you did) and had no earthly idea it was from the sixties. When the Burton film came out, reruns were shown again and I was simply amazed at how cheezy they were but I actually started enjoying them for that aspect of it. I think it was on everyday in the afternoons when I was a kid.

blanco- :( knot vary nise

Johnny Yen said...

Yes, the camp was very deliberate and very pronounced. A lot of Batman purists were mortified. To me, it was definitely a major part of its charm.

When I got out of college in 1985, I was delighted to discover that a local station was showing reruns every weekday afternoon. I'd take a break from sending out resumes and other job-hunting activities and watch it. I was horrified to discover one day that they'd stopped showing them, and were showing a new cartoon, The Thundercats. That would explain, probably, why I hate the Thundercats to this day.

Johnny Yen said...

And thanks for the tip on the book.

MacGuffin said...

De nada